Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Release Date Confirmed! – Including Retina Display Like iPad HD (3) Could Be Better Samsung Tablet And The Best Android Tablet In One!

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Release Date Arrives! The New Final Frontier In Galaxy Tab 11.6 Technology Is Here!!!

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Will The Latest New Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Release Date – Including Retina Display Like iPad 3 Scratch Pad Info Rumors Lead To The Best Ever Samsung Galaxy Tablet Ever!?

Galaxy Tab 11.6Get The Best Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 Release Date Information On The Internet Right Here On The Dirty Computer News Blog Website. Get The Latest And Greatest Galaxy Tab News On The Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 2012 Release News On The Still Expected Galaxy Tab 11.6.

We Can Put A Man On The Moon, Send Space Probes Billions Of Miles In Any Direction Into Deep Space, Continue To Evolve And Improve Technology And Our General Health And Ways Of Life But We Can’t Build A Better Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Release DateReally!? Come On! Samsung Wanted To Simply Keep Up With Their Current Tablet Rivals Instead Of Flat Out Attempting To Outperform Them Resulting In Beating Them Out Right And Cornering The Current Profitable Tablet Market(s). That’s What I’d Be Looking To Due If I Was In Charge Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab Production Line. 16x Core MCU, 32GB Of RAM, A TeraByte Of Storage, An Amazing Operating System, Longer Battery Life, Faster Battery Recharging, Instant On And Off Power Buttons To A Name A Few Things We Likely Won’t See.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 ReleaseAnd So It Goes Just Like The Newly Named iPad HD (3) Samsung Claims Their New Galaxy Tab 11.6 Tablet PC Will Also Feature The New High Resolution Retina Display That Will Apparently Also Adorn The New iPad 3 HD Tablet PC. I Say Big Deal. We’re Still Dealing With Lack Of Manufacturer Motivation Keeping Current Technology On The Shelves Out Of The Tablet Production Line.

New Galaxy Tab 11.62012 Looks Like Being A Good To Great Year For Tablets To Replace Most Types Of Computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, And Utrabooks For Most Types Of Personal Day To Day Computing Use But Tablet Manufacturers Like Samsung And Apple To Name A Few Seem To Lazy Or Cheap Or Unconcerned To Really Flex Their Muscles And Introduce Current Technology On Tablets Today.

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Release

It Won’t Be Long Before 16x/32x/128x Core 64-Bit/128-Bit/256-Bit Ultra Low Power Tablets Running 64GB/128GB/256GB Of Ultra Low Power Ram And Solid State Hard Disk Drives Increasing Performance Hundreds Fold Yet Use Less Battery Power Then Todays Current Laptops And Tablets And Retailing In Local Big Chain Stores Shelves For Half The Price Is The Current Norm For Tech Savy Computers.

Samsung Tab 11.6

Why Tablet Manufactures Continue To Recycle The Same Technology Found On A Wide Range Of Devices Is Beyond Me But Apparently Its Profitable Or They Probably Wouldnt Be Doing It. Why Set A New Trend When There’s Enough Money For Tablet Manufacturers Out There To Simply Keep Pace Instead Of Outperforming.

Samsung Tab 11.6 Release Date

It’s All About The Money. It Always Is. What You Don’t Think We Can’t Jam A 16 Core Or A 32 Core CPU And Components Into A Package That Large!? With That Much Power Packed Into Such A Small Device Mass Amounts Of Portable Computer Power Available Within 2-4 Years I Predict Most Tablets Performance, Operating Systems And Options Will Start Moving Closer To The Mobile Smart Phone Which Is The Largest Growing Portion Of Consumer Technology World Consumers Are Consuming.

Tab’s Are Their Own Product Line For Sure But The Options Always For Tablets To Outperform And Outsell Computers, Laptops, And Notebooks Any Time.

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