Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430 Fastest Laptops Ever

Lenovo Rolls Out The New Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430 Fastest Latops Ever And Announced its new Lenovo ThinkPad portfolio of small to medium business SMB big baller laptops really built with serious business technology, gaming, performance and personal lifestyle computing features integrated into one of the fastest laptops i’ve put my hands on in the last couple of years.

The new line of laptops includes both the kick arse premium high end ThinkPad Edge S Series and the mainstream big baller ThinkPad Edge E Series and the your broke entry level Lenovo S430 B Series.

The ThinkPad Edge S430 laptop comprises of performance technologies and innovations, such as the latest Intel Core processors technology.

 Aesthetically, the new laptop has a Mocha Black look with metal accents and measures less than one-inch in thickness. The 14-inch laptop is equipped with a DVD burner (or a second hard drive for up to 1 TB of storage, which can be combined with solid state drive storage), the choice of Intel integrated or NVIDIA Optimus graphics, Dolby Home Theatre v4, USB 3.0 ports and Intel Thunderbolt technology. 
The ThinkPad Edge S430 also comes with remote management software for energy savings and deploying updates called Lenovo Solution Center.
The smaller 11.6-inch ThinkPad Edge and 13.3-inch laptops optimize their performance with the latest Intel Core processors on the E130 and E330 or AMD Vision Accelerated processors on the E135 and E335 laptops. They feature a graphite grey interior with choices of Midnight Black, Heatwave Red or Cobalt Blue covers with the same progressive design of the ThinkPad Edge S430 laptops.

Lenovo B Series, the new entry-level laptops, provide entry-users with an affordable alternative. Starting at just $349, they are equipped with the latest Intel Core processors (on the B480 and B580) or AMD Fusion APUs (on the B485 and B585 models) along with integrated or discrete graphics. In addition, the new laps can hold up to 1 TB of storage, has USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI out port, and 4-in-1 multicard reader. The B Series laptops also come with Lenovo Solution Center powered by Intel Small Business Advantage.

The ThinkPad Edge E130/135, E330/335 and Lenovo B480/485, B580/585 Series laptops will be available in select markets, whereas the ThinkPad Edge E430/435, E530/535 laptops will be available worldwide beginning in April. The ThinkPad Edge S430 laptop will be available in June in select markets.

Pricing starts at roughly $399 for the ThinkPad Edge laptops, $349 for the Lenovo B Series laptops, and $749 for the ThinkPad S430 laptop.


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